Space Habitats

A road map on building colonies (self supporting habitats) in outer space. You can contact me, or leave comments, by email at

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Space Habitats Revisited
First Step: Cost Effective Launch
Alternatives to Rockets: Space Elevators and Launch Loops
Alternatives to Rockets: Skyhooks
Moon and Planets: Not Suitable for Settlement?
Gerard O’Neill’s Big Idea
Protecting Habitats from Cosmic Radiation
Meteorites – And Security
Small scale ecosystems
Getting Around in Space
How much does it cost?
Assumptions on cost calculations
Costs per head are acceptable, at high density
A Starter Habitat, and its Location
Moon Base: Self Replicating Robots and 3D printing
What would motivate the development of space colonies?
Space based solar power
Space tourism
National Prestige – and Military Strategy
It’s the right thing to do